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Exercise for Pregnant Women

March 7th, 2011 1 comment

Is there such a thing as exercise for pregnant women? You bet there is.

If you know anything about exercise programs, you know that there is a program for every fitness level, circumstance, lifestyle, problems, conditions, goals, or whatever you can think of. And pregnancy is no different. In fact, there are probably hundreds of different exercise programs for pregnant women out there.

The difference in them is who created them and how effective they are in getting the job done.

Then you have to ask, what do you want the exercise programs to do for you? Both during pregnancy and after birth. Is it to maintain your figure or to go beyond it? Or you never really exercised and want to get in a better shape to better take care of your baby (believe me, if you’re not fit, you will get oh-so-very tired).

Depending on your goal, your exercise routine might differ greatly.

The ones found in the book “Pregnancy Without Pounds” are very well-thought out routines that target specific problem areas that either get weaker or stretches during pregnancy or those muscles you’ll need to help you during labor, and of course to get back to your pre-pregnancy figure as soon as possible after giving birth.

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Short and clear instructions. There is nothing more frustrating than reading long drawn out explanation of how to perform each exercise.
  • Pictures showing starting and finishing position. This is very helpful if you have a hard time understanding the instructions.
  • Progress chart or some sort of log so you can keep track of workouts you’ve done and to keep yourself motivated.