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Diet for Pregnant Women

March 7th, 2011 42 comments

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because it just cannot be stressed enough, especially when it involves your baby’s health. Diet for pregnant women should be taken into consideration with greatest of care and caution. Always error on the side of safety. And always remember to consult your doctor first.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, desirable, and essential for the a healthy pregnancy.

Having said that, it may be unhealthy for you to gain too much unnecessary weight. First and foremost, this involves eating healthy and not too much more. No magic bullet here. Know what are the healthy foods for you to eat and obviously avoid junk food with a passion.

Sure, when we get pregnant, it’s easy to take it as a free ticket to binge on fast food or anything that our hearts desire. On my first pregnancy, I ate Doughnuts and several bowls of sugary cereal for breakfast and snacks. I know, I gross myself out just thinking about it.

This led to too much weight gain in the first trimester and my doctor warned me to back off of sugar drastically. I was headed down a path I didn’t want to go. But once I had let myself go, it was hard to reign back in and gain control over my cravings. So don’t let yourself get there. Keep a lid on it right from the beginning. Practice self discipline.

This word isn’t much fun anytime we hear it; diet. For pregnant women, it’s no better. Perhaps you’d feel like you’re missing out on your chance, but let me ask you this. What is more important? Satisfying your temporary craving or knowing that your self-control (which doesn’t take much by the way if you follow the guide and tips in the book) will help you to be a fit, healthy, and gorgeous looking woman while pregnant and afterward (yeah, you can be a hot mommy that we all envy).

I’d just love to tell you some of these simple tips, but I can’t because it’s not my book. I’ll have to exercise self-control here and be satisfied with giving you these general tips and advice.

To diet or not to diet isn’t even the question at all.

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