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Pregnancy Without Pounds Review Coming Soon

March 9th, 2011 2 comments

I’ve talked about it or hinted about it for long enough. I’m putting some final touches on my “Pregnancy Without Pounds” review article and it will be up soon. I have done my best to remain as objective and unbiased as possible, though it was a bit hard at times seeing how much I enjoyed the package.

In the review, I will highlight some of the good and bad points about the package and what you can expect to find inside in order to help you decide if it’s right for you.


Check Points for Pregnancy Exercises

March 7th, 2011 No comments

Here is a quick and dirty guideline for those of you wanting to get started with your exercise routines right away.

1. Peace of mind. Talk to your doctor and get his/her approval.
This still applies even if you’re not considered a high-risk pregnancy. The words “better safe than sorry” has never been more true than when you’re pregnant.

2. Not the time to experiment.
With all the changes going on in your body, this is NOT the time to start experimenting. Don’t introduce something totally new to your body and giving it more stress. Stick to what you already know and are comfortable with. Remember that your goal here isn’t to break new ground; it’s to keep your body moving and healthy.

3. Common sense.
Enough said.

But just in case you’re still wondering…

  • No long distance running. And if you were doing this before you got pregnant, lower the intensity and duration.
  • Don’t expose yourself to too extreme of conditions including, but not limited to: high altitudes, intense heat, intense cold, steep hills.
  • Stay in public places with constant streams of people and stay close to roads… just in case you need help. Again, better safe than sorry when you’re pregnant.
  • Since your joints are more loose during pregnancy, avoid high impact sports or those that require short, fast, and jerky movements (i.e., tennis, squash, basketball, etc…).

4. For resistance training, lower the intensity. Go for more reps rather than higher weight. Endurance is more prized than busts of strength. Avoid doing any exercise where you have to exert yourself too much and/or where you have to hold your breath. You need constant air flow to your baby.

5. Do NOT exercise lying down flat on your back. Sitting position is best, especially in a supported position. Also avoid lifting weight above your head or push a lot of weight (see number 4).

6. Never exercise on completely empty stomach or without water. Keep yourself well hydrated and make sure your body always has fuel to burn. It’s always suggested to non-pregnant people that they keep water bottle with them during workout. This applies even more so to you now that you’re pregnant.

Remember. I know I say it in almost every post. Better safe than sorry. Talk to your doctor first before starting any exercise routine, especially when you’re pregnant. Take it easy and remember your goal is to maintain, not to make breakthroughs. Never task unnecessary risks. You owe it to your and your baby’s future.

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Exercise for Pregnant Women

March 7th, 2011 1 comment

Is there such a thing as exercise for pregnant women? You bet there is.

If you know anything about exercise programs, you know that there is a program for every fitness level, circumstance, lifestyle, problems, conditions, goals, or whatever you can think of. And pregnancy is no different. In fact, there are probably hundreds of different exercise programs for pregnant women out there.

The difference in them is who created them and how effective they are in getting the job done.

Then you have to ask, what do you want the exercise programs to do for you? Both during pregnancy and after birth. Is it to maintain your figure or to go beyond it? Or you never really exercised and want to get in a better shape to better take care of your baby (believe me, if you’re not fit, you will get oh-so-very tired).

Depending on your goal, your exercise routine might differ greatly.

The ones found in the book “Pregnancy Without Pounds” are very well-thought out routines that target specific problem areas that either get weaker or stretches during pregnancy or those muscles you’ll need to help you during labor, and of course to get back to your pre-pregnancy figure as soon as possible after giving birth.

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Short and clear instructions. There is nothing more frustrating than reading long drawn out explanation of how to perform each exercise.
  • Pictures showing starting and finishing position. This is very helpful if you have a hard time understanding the instructions.
  • Progress chart or some sort of log so you can keep track of workouts you’ve done and to keep yourself motivated.

Diet for Pregnant Women

March 7th, 2011 42 comments

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because it just cannot be stressed enough, especially when it involves your baby’s health. Diet for pregnant women should be taken into consideration with greatest of care and caution. Always error on the side of safety. And always remember to consult your doctor first.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, desirable, and essential for the a healthy pregnancy.

Having said that, it may be unhealthy for you to gain too much unnecessary weight. First and foremost, this involves eating healthy and not too much more. No magic bullet here. Know what are the healthy foods for you to eat and obviously avoid junk food with a passion.

Sure, when we get pregnant, it’s easy to take it as a free ticket to binge on fast food or anything that our hearts desire. On my first pregnancy, I ate Doughnuts and several bowls of sugary cereal for breakfast and snacks. I know, I gross myself out just thinking about it.

This led to too much weight gain in the first trimester and my doctor warned me to back off of sugar drastically. I was headed down a path I didn’t want to go. But once I had let myself go, it was hard to reign back in and gain control over my cravings. So don’t let yourself get there. Keep a lid on it right from the beginning. Practice self discipline.

This word isn’t much fun anytime we hear it; diet. For pregnant women, it’s no better. Perhaps you’d feel like you’re missing out on your chance, but let me ask you this. What is more important? Satisfying your temporary craving or knowing that your self-control (which doesn’t take much by the way if you follow the guide and tips in the book) will help you to be a fit, healthy, and gorgeous looking woman while pregnant and afterward (yeah, you can be a hot mommy that we all envy).

I’d just love to tell you some of these simple tips, but I can’t because it’s not my book. I’ll have to exercise self-control here and be satisfied with giving you these general tips and advice.

To diet or not to diet isn’t even the question at all.

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Should You Exercise During Pregnancy? Is It Safe?

March 3rd, 2011 1 comment

Should you exercise during pregnancy? Is it safe? If so, how much is enough? Can you lose weight while pregnant through exercise?

First and foremost, before we get into this whole article, always keep in mind that you should discuss any plans to exercise or diet with your doctor BEFORE putting it into practice, especially when you’re pregnant as you and/or your baby may be more susceptible to harm or additional stress on the body exercise or restrictive diet may place on it.

Secondly, also keep in mind that weight gain is normal and essential for a healthy pregnancy. It is my understanding that you should never set weight loss as a goal to be achieved during pregnancy merely for the sake of losing weight (that is, if there are no other more pressing reasons tied into losing weight as prescribed by your doctor).

Ok, having those two points covered, let’s discuss the benefits of exercising during pregnancy in a little more detail.

If you were an active person pre-pregnancy, then keeping up your regular level of activity may be ok, but some advise women to take it a little easy during the first trimester. If you were not a very active person before getting pregnant, then you should start at a very slow pace and gradually build up more speed/workload. Always remember to discuss with your doctor.

Some women believe that it is best to not to anything during pregnancy. Actually, this can be more dangerous. Such low levels of physical activity may cause your muscles and joints to stiffen up or get weaker, gain unnecessary weight, and cause other pregnancy complications.

Walking is always a good and safe choice for most people. Walk at a brisk pace that doesn’t make you run out of breath and remember to keep a steady pace and bring along lots of water to hydrate yourself during the walk. If it’s hot outside, take special care to not walk in the sunlight for too long, try to walk in the shade if possible, and to wear protective hat or sunscreen.

Mild exercise during pregnancy will keep you looking and feeling good while relieving stress, and keeping you from gaining unnecessary weight during the pregnancy. Please note that I said unnecessary weight. As I mentioned several times throughout this blog, it is normal and essential for a woman to gain weight during the pregnancy.

Additional benefit of routine exercise while pregnant may include the ability to return to your pre-pregnancy weight faster after the birth of your baby. However, this of course should be done under your doctor’s supervision as well and you should not try to lose the weight in too much of a hurry.

Guideline for Losing Weight During Pregnancy

February 28th, 2011 1 comment

Have you ever thought about losing weight during pregnancy? Did you hear of women who got pregnant and lost weight? Generally speaking, most women gain weight and it is healthy to do so. Most healthcare professional consider healthy weight gain during pregnancy to be an essential part. The only exception I have come across is when the woman was highly overweight before getting pregnant and lost it due to morning sickness (reduced ability to eat) and/or eating more healthy foods and eliminating or reducing junk foods from their diet.

So How Much Weight Gain Should You Expect?

If you ever looked into what is considered healthy pregnancy weight gain, then you probably realized in a hurry that there is a lot of debate and uncertainty surrounding the topic. One expert might recommend a strict diet and exercise program while another say it’s ok to eat whatever food the mother craves. It can be very confusing and overwhelming on what advice to follow.

At the end of the day, a healthy pregnancy weight gain differs from a woman to woman and from each pregnancy to another. There are so many contributing factors, of which eating and exercising habits are only two.

As a general guideline, you should gain roughly 5 pounds in the first trimester and additional 1 pound each week for the duration of the pregnancy. These guideline numbers will differ if you were underweight or overweight pre-pregnancy. If you were underweight, then you should gain about 30 to 40 pounds by the end of the pregnancy. If you were overweight, you should look at about 15 to 30 pounds. Keep in mind that all these numbers vary depending on your weight, height, and various medical conditions, which is why it’s so important for you to keep in close communication with your doctor for the whole duration of your pregnancy.

Assuming you have already talked to your doctor and that there are no outstanding issues or concerns, a pregnancy weight gain calculator might come in very handy. It takes into account your pre-pregnancy weight, height, current weight, and number of weeks into the pregnancy to give you an estimate of how much weight you should gain.

Here is one pregnancy weight gain calculator I found that I think you’ll find useful.

Lose Weight While Pregnant – Why This Blog?

February 28th, 2011 2 comments

Can you lose weight while pregnant? But more importantly, can you do it safely?

In today’s market place, one doesn’t need to put in much work before being finding a mountain of weight loss products promising the world. But when you’re pregnant, everything changes.

Shedding the pounds is no longer the top priority. The solution has to address the question of whether or not you can lose the weight while you’re pregnant in a safe manner for both you and your baby.

Knowing that this a concern for a lot of women, I decided that I would purchase a product I found and reviewed it for my fourth pregnancy. Then it struck me that I should make it available to other women as well who are looking for similar information.

So I hope you find these articles and review helpful in answering those pressing questions.